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The new massage therapy tool that can dramatically level-up your recovery within minutes

For Those Who Want To Feel Healthful & Fit At Last!

Did you know that nerves are the actual source of the pain?

That's why we created Hyperblade, which unlocks the nervous system with small electrical impulses and preciselytargeted design, making you forget about the pain at last, and allowing you to move significantly better.

Our customers use it to release the tension, get rid of pain, fix the pinched nerves in seconds, or heal from an injury. 

Some are even reporting they could see a 60% reduction in pain after a single casual home-therapy!

Tested, used and recommended by professional therapists, this state-of-the-art massage tool for athletes & people with pain issues soothes and cares for your body - and is ideal for daily personal use.

How the hyperblade
makes you forget about aches & Pains
FOr good:



Gua-sha blade

The best therapy tool for athletes and people with chronic pain issues should be gentle, easy to use and mainly effective.

Made with the Nobel-Prize-Winning NMES Technology and Gua-Sha targeted design, Hyperblade helps to restore damaged muscles and significantly boost the natural active cell regeneration of your body.

The non-invasive impulses of NMES release the energy stuck in the knots and accumulate it in the muscle tissue allowing your body to use it for cell recovery. 

Scraping the problematic areas with the laser-targeted Gua-Sha blade creates heat with friction, playing an important role in accelerating blood circulation,allowing more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered to the damaged muscle tissue, while distributing the energy (released by NMES) all around the body. 

Thanks to the High Intensity Micro Vibration the therapy is as gentle as humanly possible while bringing the relief and the light-weight ergonomic design makes it convenient and super easy to use for everyone.

Use this device for healing damaged muscles, letting loose knots, increasing the speed of muscle activation before physical activity and restoration of your overall agility.

  • Made with the NMES Technology to 'hack' the nervous system bringing a radical pain reductionfrom the 1st session

  • Equipped with ergonomic Gua-Sha blade to heat-up the tissue, improve the lymphatic flow and distribute the energy evenly all around the body

  • Gentle, pain-free & extremely effective

  • Safety-tested, used and recommended by the industry-leading professionals


(and RECOMMEnded by professionals)

This amazing massage tool takes just a few seconds to unlock your full body potential.

It's light, tough and fully prepared to provide extremely powerful action, that fixes the muscle knots, pinched nerves, fibromyalgia and more.

That's why the owner of Massage Arkansas, a Master Massage Therapist, professional PT and LMT Jessica Tolliver, uses and recommends the Hyperblade™.

And it's why a wide range of massage therapists, athletes and people with various muscle issues have chosen our Hyperblade™ to level up their recovery techniques.

your health.
our science.

This device is perfect for:

Treating Muscle knots

Can't get rid of the knots without visiting your therapist every other day? 

Quick and effective, thanks to the NMES, this game-changing device finds the trigger points automatically, allowing you to forget about knots in couple of seconds. Plus, it's designed and recommended by professionals, so you can rest assured that your body gets the best of the best to feel betterand stronger.

Soothing Sore muscles

Unlike the other devices, Hyperblade's Gua-Sha blade allows you to massage all areas evenly, which significantlyspeeds up recovery of the sore muscles. Along with the micro-impulses and hyper-vibration, it provides 3-in-1 hyper-effective therapy, quickly repelling lactic acid and shorteningthe muscle recovery time by half.

Treating Chronic muscle aches

Impulses targeting your nerve endings and trigger points allows Hyperblade to reduce the pain signals coming to your brain by 60%, leaving your body heavenly relaxedwhile it takes its time to regenerate. Bringing the end to the migraines and sleepless nights.

Warm-up before exercise

Unlike the other massage therapy devices, Hyperblade uses scrapinginstead of percussion- allowing you to massage the whole area evenlyand warming up faster! Use the Hyperblade to warm-up the muscles and get the nutrition flowing through the body much faster and more effectively, makes it extremely easy to boostthe overall performance of your body!

Post-workout therapy

By increasing the circulation in tired muscles and promoting faster regenerationby NMES(which is commonly used to restore heavily damaged muscles after an injury), Hyperblade relaxesthe body for better sleep and shortening the recovery time by half.

PINched nerves

Pinched nervesdramatically influences your everyday life. Thanks to the top-notch technology used in Hyperblade, you can forget about those in seconds. Few scrapes up and down and your days and nerves are back to normal, or even better.


Scraping significantly reduces inflammation, so the device is often used to treat ailments that cause chronic pain, such as arthitisand fibromyalgia, as well as those that trigger muscle and joint pain.

Nobel Prize Winning technology combined with gua-sha puts us miles ahead of any other massage tool ever invented.

  • A Drug-free Way to Manage Pains and Aches

  • Warms Up The Tissue 2-3x Faster than Any Other Tool Ever Invented

  • Radically Helps to Overcome Muscle Fatigue From Strenuous Activity 

  • Helps to Remove Toxins From the Body by Improving the Lymphatic Flow.

  • Accelerates Circulation by Delivering More Oxygen and Nutrients to Sore and Tired Tissue

  • Significantly Reduces Pain From The Very First Use

  • Dramatically Improves Range Of Motion & Flexibility

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

  • Up to 6 Hours Of Battery Life

  • USB Rechargable

The study which investigated the effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in different frequencies on the quadriceps femoris indicated that using frequency of 2.500Hz is able to increase the strength of the subjects by 30-40% in 20 stimulation sessions.

"Gua-sha increases the skin’s surface micro-circulation by 400 percent. It helps with myalgia in the body, upregulates heme oxygenase the immune system so it helps with stress in the body, helps decrease inflammation, and helps regulate allergic reaction. Gua-sha therapy has shown to help with respiratory and hepatic issues as well."

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

"I'm always trying to push myself on the next level in training and recovery. Hyperblade just opened another level for me. Correcting imbalances in my body became much easier!"

David S.

"I bought this product on a whim and I'm so glad that I did. It is totally worth the cost. I was expecting to try it out and return it, but I can't stress enough how effective it is!"

Karen S.

"I use Hyperblade exclusively now after trying so many other massage tools. The quality is excellent and the price is great according to its capability to treat my body! I combine the therapy with holistic diet and the results are great!"

Brenda D.

"I love that it only takes a couple of sessions to get much better! I used to use a very expensive NMES tool, but this is just as good, if not better. My body feels amazing and does not feel sore after therapy. I LOVE IT!"

Jacqueline P.

"Best thing that ever happened to my body! For the past two months I've been having terrible breakout. Everything I do seemed to make my body worse until I came across this product, which honestly changed my life."

Nicole R.

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30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed