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Why is Hyperblade the best recovery tool for you?

February 13, 2020 2 min read

From better movement to a better life

If you're a little bit skeptical, it's alright. We all are sometimes. Especially when it's about the most precious thing that we have - our health. 

Let us introduce ourselves a little and tell you why is Hyperblade the best decision towards your health you can do today.  


Created by physical therapists

We loved working closely with IASTM tools which are relieving deep Myofascial (muscle) pain and we loved helping our patients. Yet, we wanted to create something for everyone, for even everyday use. 

Classical IASTM tools can treat deep muscle pain, but there's always a professional hand required. We realized, that not everyone has enough money or even time to go for repeated treatment. That's the point where we began with research.


To limit the professional assistance to none, we added micro-vibration and microcurrent technology to the blade-type massage tool, which helps you to experience a professional massage with ease, even if you don't have any knowledge and skills.  

"We believe that having access to professional quality massages at an affordable price is something that everyone deserves."

You just simply need to scrape the Hyperblade against your skin. No need of trying to find those annoying, painful trigger points, thanks to built-in Smart Sensor Technology, which will automatically find and destroy them. Leaving you as relaxed as after a professional therapeutic massage. 


Nobel Prize-winning therapy

We were really trying to develop the best possible massage tool. That's why we added microcurrent.

Microcurrent is a Nobel Prize-winning therapy for muscle pain management. Hyperblade's microcurrent technology was developed to precisely mimic the human body's natural electrical properties;  re-boosting your biological electrical system.


The human muscle layer is located beneath the skin and fat tissue layers (Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous tissue). Therefore, it is hard to reach with traditional vibration massage devices because they tend to only reach the surface level tissue layer.

However, Hyperblade's microcurrent technology sends low-level electrical currents(25uA) that mimic the body's own natural electrical current which helps in stimulating the deepest muscle layers.

In addition, its ergonomic design molds perfectly to any body type while allowing you to press directly onto the muscle and get to at those hard to reach areas.



Our Science - Your Health

We know that feeling tense might affect your whole life. Your day-to-day activities become more stressful and less enjoyable, because of the pain.

At work, in the gym or while spending time with your friends and family, feeling tense is not something you should be experiencing.

That's why we developed Hyperblade. To make you feel better. To enjoy life more.

It's our science - to help your health.