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What is NMES Technology? And how to use it in 2020?

January 25, 2020 2 min read

NMES Technology has been around since the early '60s. But the year 2020 has brought completely new, beneficial and user-friendly devices to use.

NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) Technology consists of small electrical impulses that are used to stimulate and help muscles recover.



For more complex information, please check the study on 

Now, let us dig a little deeper. How helpful it might be for your body?

The NMES Technology used in Hyperblade massager, driven by scientific research made this device the high-end and top-qualityone. The power of the device sends small micro-currents directly to your muscles. As your muscles start to react to these impulses, they'll warm-up and bring you instant muscle relief. 
Clinically proven to be safe and effective. 

Who can benefit from Hyperblade? 

The range is really broad. It's designed to treat everything from everyday soreness from a sedentary lifestyle to chronic muscle pain after an injury
The usage of these powerful devices was never easier than in 2020. With a single one button, you can relieve the pain you've been experiencing for years. 

If you are an athlete, this is an ideal solution for you.  Asking why? 


NMES acts on the deepest muscles.It reduces accumulated lactic acid and prevents muscle soreness. It's an ideal tool to warm-up before your workout. Achieve better endurance and overall better results through your training. 


Post-workout usage has its benefits as well. It activates muscles to recover faster, without any muscle soreness. It provides quick, temporary relief of arthritis, joints, muscles and back pain, through electronic nerve stimulation.  
The sore spots in your muscles that might feel like knots? They can be easily found by electric stimulation and reduced. With Hyperblade you will release and stimulate blood flow to those affected areas in a second.   

A study carried out in 1997 investigated the effectiveness of electrotherapy on myofascial trigger points (knots) in patients’ shoulders (upper trapezius).

It looked at how 60 people (25 males and 35 females) responded to electrical nerve stimulation, electrical muscle stimulation, and placebo treatments.

  • The study concluded that EMS (short for NMES) was more effective for the immediate release of muscle tightness than nerve stimulation.

EMS was found to improve the range of motion, which was measured by recording a neck side bend before and after the treatment. 



NMES Technology has been  widely used in clinical rehabilitation for spinal cord injury and stroke. It's used to stimulate the neuromuscular activity. If you're looking for a full study regarding this topic, please check the National Center for Biotechnology Information