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Percussion massage gun vs. NMES massager Hyperblade

March 04, 2020 2 min read

We bet you're all asking "What's the main difference between traditional percussion massage gun and this NMES massager?"

Let us brief you shortly on this topic and reveal the biggest benefits of the Hyperblade.


First things first - It's SMARTER

We all love smart things, right? We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, smart cars, etc.. 

The reason why we want to own so many smart things is that life with them is so much easier! 

So we asked ourselves, how we can make your relaxation smarter&easier. And here's how we got the idea - we decided to use the newest technologies.


Hyperblade Massager has a built-in Smart Sensor Technology. The sensor will automatically find acupuncture or trigger points and destroy them immediately. Leaving you as relaxed as getting a professional therapeutic massage but from the comfort of your home! 

The second smart feature is, that it will automatically turn off when you stop scraping it across to your skin. A lot of the times you'll have your hand go-to move and you don't want it to keep running and accidentally shock you. So with Hyperblade, you're safe.

It's the thinnest, lightest, fastest massage tool ever - yet, the most powerful. 

The NMES Technology used in Hyperblade massager, driven by scientific research made this device the most powerful one. The power of the device sends small micro-currents directly to your muscles, stimulating the deeper muscle tissues properly. As your muscles start to react to these impulses, they'll warm-up and bring you instant muscle relief. 




Both hammer impact motion massager and blade-type massager differ in the way they impact on an object. As you can see from the thermal sensor images, most massages implement the use of a ball or hammer shape to create a high impact on a specific hitting point. Hammer shape does not stimulate the muscles evenly and can be very painful. Hyperblade’s blade design is designed to mold perfectly to any body so that you can experience a massage that can be performed evenly throughout the targeted area.


And last but not least - It's COMPACT 

While living a busy lifestyle - traveling to work, to the gym, to a meeting with a friend, on holiday, to see your family on the other side of the world, you might find yourself craving for a little relaxation time. 

And let's be honest with each other, carrying a huge massage gun might not be something you want to deal with. And here comes the first point again - why not to make your life easier? 

Hyperblade is super compact, and you can carry it around with or without the carrying case! No need for different massage heads like with massage guns. You have everything in one place! Different shapes for different body parts. So easy, so compact, so AMAZING! 


If you want to make your life easier TODAY - click here.




We've covered here only the differentiation between the traditional percussion massage gun and Hyperblade. If you want to check all the benefits the Hyperblade is offering, please check our product page.